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Is your practice overwhelmed with enrollments and payor follow-up? Maybe your in-house credentialer left you with a big mess. Are claims being denied? Is onboarding new practitioners a struggle?

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Whether your practice is humming right along or in desparate need of a tune-up, pie will serve up success on your enrollment and credentialing projects.


From sour to sweet

This New York-based primary care, substance use treatment, behavioral health and supportive services clinic was dealing with high provider turnover, complicated payor relationships and a questionable credentialing vendor. But with the help of pie, this client was able to get a handle on retention issues, eliminate confusion with contracts and payors, streamline their processes and collect more revenue faster.

New Provider Onboarding

In the tough Manhattan area where this client's clinic is located, you have to have a thick skin. Provider turnover is simply a reality in this gritty environment. While pie could not do much to stop the churn, we did implement an onboarding application to streamline the process of bringing new practitioners into the clinic.

Reliable Payor Matrix

Our client had contracts with numerous payors that had been negoiated years prior. There was significant confusion about contract validity, processa and accurate rosters. pie whipped it all into shape and produced a reliable Payor Matrix that identifies all contracts, relatinoships, processes and more.

Digital Provider Roster

pie helped our client put its entire provider roster online. With the pie Digital Practice Hub, the client now has one click access to all practice and provider provider data, enrollments, documents and everything else they need to maintain ongoing enrollments and credentialing projects.

More Practice Revenue

pie clarified contracts issues, established a credentialing policy, and implemented a digital practice management software solution. Now, the practice has easy and centralized management of all aspects of provider credentialing and enrollment.

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