Stress-free Payor Enrollment and Revenue Cycle Solutions

As a practice manager, you are the backbone of your mental health practice, responsible for managing staff, facilitating patient care, and ensuring compliance with various regulations. pie Health understands the critical role that you play in operating a successful practice. That's why we offer comprehensive payor enrollment and revenue cycle management solutions that make your life easier while helping your practice thrive. With pie Health's support, you can focus on what matters most to you — delivering top-quality patient care.

Expert Insurance Payor Selection

pie Health helps practice managers navigate the complex payor landscape, taking the guesswork out of which payors to select. Our research-driven approach provides you with a curated list of insurance payors that match the unique requirements of your practice. Our team focuses on finding the best reimbursement rates, coverage availability, and acceptance likelihood to ensure long-term success. pie Health takes the work off your plate, allowing you to focus on your practice and patients while we maximize your practice's revenue stream

Streamlined Enrollment Process

The payor enrollment process can be a time-consuming and stressful task for practice managers. Our team of professionals ready to streamline the process for you. We manage the application submission and provide full visibility into all aspects of the process, allowing you to see where your practice stands at every step along the way. Our credentialers work with you to ensure that all documentation is in order, so your staff and providers can start caring for patients quickly.

Maximized Revenue Cycle

pie Health's revenue cycle management solutions optimize your revenue stream by increasing cash flows and enabling consistent financial performance for your practice. We negotiate better reimbursement rates and remove the administrative burdens associated with insurance billing and claims processing, eliminating any delays or denials. You get paid faster, more reliably, and with fewer challenges. Our experts work with you to ensure your revenue cycle stays healthy and hassle-free.

How pie Helps Practice Managers

Here's how we help practice managers like you:

Initial Consultation

Start risk-free with a no-cost consultation. We'll discuss your practice, goals, and requirements to determine if we're a good fit.

Digital Practice

Our hassle-free onboarding gets your practice and providers established in our secure portal for complete visibility into the payor enrollment process.

Payor Mix & Planning

Which payors are best for your practice? pie handles practice and individual provider research to match you with the best insurance options.

Enrollment, Follow Up & Appeals

Leave the credentialing and contracting to us. We'll submit enrollments, follow up regularly, appeal if needed, and get you in-network as quickly as possible.

Practice Auto Pilot

We take care of ongoing tasks like CAQH attestations, ensuring compliance with the No Surprises Act, and monitoring expirables.

Revenue Optimization

We reduce claim denials and increase payment velocity, so you can spend less time worrying about revenue and more time on patient care.

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